Testing Troubleshooting

API Connection Issues
  • Your firewall ports can interfere with connectivity to our API. The API operates on port 443. Make sure you can access that port number through your firewall.
  • You get unknown 400 and 500 responses. This is a result of errors in the authentication. We will not validate and report your error for security reasons. Most of these can be resolved by sending us your sample code to support@crmtext.com. Give us a little time to get it turned around and back to you. But we will get you going!

Your Test Number(s) Never Gets or Stops Getting Messages
  • Some carriers like Sprint require certain plans to get short code messages. T-Mobile does this as well, but it is not as prevalent. Try a friend’s number on another network and see if that clears your problem. If it does, call your provider or go to one their stores and request that you receive text messages from short codes.
  • Make sure you didn’t opt-out or are in pending status. You can try sending your store keyword back to 444999 or use one of our reporting API calls to check.
  • The carriers monitor their networks very closely and constant opt-ins/outs of the same mobile phone number carries red flags and sometimes results in your number being locked down from receiving short code messages. Try sending START to the short code you were communicating with your store on, for example, START to 24411. If that doesn’t alleviate the issue contact us at support@crmtext.com.
  • The CRM Text SMS API only allows one mobile number to be opted-in to 20 stores. To clear you mobile number and resume testing, contact us at support@crmtext.com.
  • You attempted to send the same text message to the same mobile device within a 12 hour period. By default, the CRM Text SMS API prevents duplicate messages within a 12 hour period. This check can be turned off in the Client admin store view. It is a check that can be toggled for each store individually. We do this for spam and accident control.

Message Don't Deliver to Any Test Device
  • The most likely issue is that you are calling the CRM Text SMS API with a phone number that is 11 digits or has a +1 in front of the phone number. Make sure you are calling the API with 10 digit formatted phone number. Example: 9992225555.
  • Check to make sure you are sending the correct credentials and parameters to the API.

You Can't Create a Store
  • Only accounts that have signed license Agreements with CRM Text Solutions can create stores. Beta accounts are prohibited from creating any additional stores.
  • You are not using your Client credentials to create the store. Make sure you use your Client credentials to create the store. These are the very first set of credentials that we sent to you after signed up.
If problems persist, email us at support@crmtext.com.