Terms Glossary

Term Description
Campaign A Mass Text Message to multiple opted-in subscribers of a store.
Carrier(s) The US mobile telecommunications companies like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.
Customer An opted-in mobile subscriber to a store.
Double Opt-in (2 Step Opt-in) Sometimes referred to as two step opt-in, this opt-in method requires the consent of the mobile subscriber who will receive and opt-in request. Before any additional messages can be sent, the mobile subscriber must reply YES to the opt-in request. It is generally required for non-handset initiated opt-ins such as from a web form or phone call. The SMS API will automatically deliver the opt-in request template and opt-in confirmation template if the user responds YES to the request.
Long Code A 10 digit telephone number that can be used solely for sending and receiving text messages. They are unreliable for text programs that send more than 200 messages per month.
Marketing Short Code (Opt-in, Responder Short Code) The short code the CRM Text SMS API uses to accept handset initiated opt-in and responder keywords. Keywords recognized by our system will generate the response created by the developer. It IS NOT used for 2 way communication between the opted-in subscriber and the store.
MMS Multimedia Messaging Service. A text message with media inserted within.
Mobile Subscriber The mobile subscriber is a person with a unique mobile phone number.
Opt-in Keyword When initiated by the mobile subscriber the opt-in keyword opts them into a store for further SMS communication. It uses the single opt-in process. The CRM Text SMS API assigns a dedicated short code to that customer’s mobile number to which they will always communicate with that store through the life of their opt-in.
Opted-In A mobile subscriber who is opted-out from your store and cannot receive any messages other than the opt-in request. The SMS API will automatically deliver the opt-out confirmation template.
Opted-Out A mobile subscriber who is opted-out from your store and cannot receive any messages other than the opt-in request. The SMS API will automatically deliver the opt-in confirmation template.
Pending A mobile subscriber who has received the opt-in request message but has not responded YES. Until the subscriber responds YES no text messages can be delivered to them.
Primary Store Keyword When creating a store in the CRM Text SMS API a keyword is required. This keyword is treated as an opt-in keyword. It cannot be changed or edited without contacting support@crmtext.com. It is also the keyword that is assigned to the auth string when administering the store.
Responder Keyword When initiated by the mobile subscriber the responder keyword will respond with only one text message. The mobile subscriber will not be opted-in and no further message can be sent except for the opt-in request or confirmation. It is usually used for promotions or general information. You can use internal responder keywords within your application after the mobile subscriber is opted-in. More on that here.
Short Code A 5 or 6 digit number that allows a text message to communicate with a software application. Short codes allow for higher bandwidth delivery of messages and are great for high volume. They are also known as “short numbers.”.
Single Opt-In Used when the mobile subscriber initiates and opt-in keyword to 444999 from their mobile device. This opt-in method does not require any additional actions by the mobile subscriber. The mobile subscriber receives a confirmation that they have opted-in to the store and the store can now communicate freely with that subscriber. The SMS API automates this process and delivers the opt-in confirmation template.
SMS “Short Message Service.” A text message. "Just text me dude!" That notification your parents get on their phones more often because you don't call anymore.
Store Sometimes referred to as sub-accounts or child accounts, the store is basically a bucket to house opted-in customers in. It allows the CRM Text Solutions Short Code API to properly route text messages to and from the store.
Sub-Account (Child Account) A store created under your Client Account that is administered by you. The Sub-Account allows the CRM Text SMS API to properly route messages to and from the store.
VMS Video Messaging Service. This term is unique to CRM Text Solutions to identify an MMS that contains a video.