Store Creation & Management

There are three API Calls in this section. Here you can check for keywords and create stores. If you do not intend to create additional stores with your parent account, you can set your callback URL for your store and then proceed directly to the customer creation section.

In the CRM Text Architecture, we work on a store, or franchise basis. In order for multiple Clients to utilize our short code stack, we organize our Clients into Stores. This has multiple advantages both to us and to you. Each keyword in the CRM Text platform must be unique. This allows us to properly route messages to the correct store. You can check availability of a keyword using IsKeywordAvailable. However, it is not required and you can simply attempt to create the store using CreateStoreAndUser.

A store must exist for messages to flow in and out. The store name must be unique as well and cannot be duplicated across our platform. If the keyword you create with the store is accepted it will become the store primary keyword. It cannot be changed or edited. Once a mobile subscriber opts-in to one of your stores, we bind that mobile subscriber’s number to that store with one of our short codes. That bind will remain in place for the life of the relationship or until the mobile subscriber opts-out.

You cannot delete a store or keyword once it has been created. This control will soon be offered through API. If you would like to add an additional opt-in keyword to your store, contact Support.

The three API Calls in the Customer Creation & Management section consist of:

Keywords must be unique. This call allows you to check for available keywords within the CRM Text SMS API. Only keywords between 4-19 alpha-numeric characters and no spaces are acceptable. If you need a shorter keyword email Support.

This call creates a new store, opt-in keyword and default user. It is used to create a new opt-in data container for mobile subscribers.

This call sets the listener URL where the CRM Text SMS API will post any inbound messages that belong to the store.