Method: SetCallback

Method Type: Post

This method will be called by your application to set the call back URL of the store. The callback URL is used by the CRM Text SMS API to post incoming SMS text messages sent by mobile customers in to the store in real-time. You do not have to get them. Although each unique store can support multiple keywords, we only support one callback URL per unique store.

Aside from managing inbound messaging, one of the hidden advantages of setting a callback URL is the ability to use internal keywords for your opted-in customers. You can listen for and respond to any keywords (Except for STOP, QUIT and HELP). These keywords do not need to be unique to the CRM Text SMS API because the opted-in customer will communicate with you on one of our assigned communication short codes. You can use the callback listener to look for the keywords you want to respond to. There is no keyword charge for internal keywords.

For example: Customer opts-in and you want to do a back and forth message. After opting in, the customer will be assigned to your store on a communication short code for the life of the opt-in. So you can ask them to reply GREAT and then you can deal with that response as you wish after we post it to your callback URL.


  • Only HTTP and HTTPS are supported.
  • We only support one callback URL per store.
  • It is recommended that you not use URL Redirects
  • The CRM Text SMS API does not monitor your web service. That is a developer responsibility. You will not be notified if we do not recieve a 200 response from your URL. We recomend that you build your own monitor or use tools such as Runscope
  • or API Metrics to keep tabs on your web service. As of this writing, Runscope has a FREE plan that would allow you to ping your web service every 2 minutes.


  • It helps to know what we post and that can be found here.
  • Currently we do not provide authentication tokens for data posted to your web service. It is in the pipeline.
  • You cannot set the URL in our UI. But if you only utilize one or a handful of stores, feel free to not engineer this and send the link to Support. We'll glady set it for you.

Request Example

Set a Callback URL:

Request Parameters

Name Required Value Description
callback Yes String URL of where you want the CRM Text SMS API to post incoming messages.

XML Sample Successful Response

<response op= "setcallback" status= "200" message= "ok">

XML Sample Error Response

<response op= "setcallback" status= "4xx" message= "reason for Error">