Method: SendCampaign

Method Type: Post

This method will be called by your application to send a text message campaign to ALL opted-in customers from the store you assign within your auth string. This method will search for all opted-in Customers of the store and send them a text or picture message in a batch.

The CRM Text SMS API supports up to 1600 characters within a text message. However, there are still several carriers that will not deliver a 1600 character message as one. AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile will. Sprint will not. And this can change at any time.

By default, all calls to this method will go out on the communication short code that the customer is assigned to by CRM Text for the requested store. If the customer is not opted-in, they will not receive the message.


  • The mobile subscriber must be an opted-in customer of the store before you may use this method.
  • Messages are limited to 1600 characters. But please read this so you know why you should stick to 160 characters per text message.
  • MMS file types must be .Jpg .Gif and .Png and URL hosted. HTTP and HTTPS URL's are supported.
  • Pictures over 450kb will not be delivered.


  • Keep your messages short, sweet and simple and you'll be rewarded with higher conversion and delivery rates.
  • Constant campaigning to your Customer list is a good way to lower your opt-in count.

Request Example

Sending a Campaign:

Request Parameters

Name Required Value Description
Name Yes String We ask for a unique name for each campaign for tracking purposes.
message Yes String Message content of less than 1600 characters (We advise under 160 characters!)

XML Sample Successful Response

<response op= "sendcampaign" status= "200" message= "Messages is getting dispatched">

XML Sample Error Response

<response op= "sendcampaign" status= "4xx" message= "reason for Error">