Messaging Calls Introduction

Want to initiate 2-way communication via text with your Customers? Want to send out a picture of your newest luxury sedan? Coupons and promotions? You’ve come to the right place. There are only two messaging calls in the CRM Text SMS API. They are:

This call sends one SMS or MMS to a mobile subscriber from the selected store. A bonus is that you can use this call to also initiate an opt-in to that store as well.

This call sends one SMS or MMS to ALL of the opted-in customers of the selected store. For sending mass text campaigns, you can really save yourself some time and development by using SendSMSmsg if you project your store to carry less than 700 opted-in customers. The SendSMSmsg call can be used to campaign with but it delivers one message per second. Your campaign will complete in about 10-15 minutes.

However, the campaign methods to the CRM Text SMS API will batch send the messages and takes full advantage of our 30 messages per second bandwidth. So if you are over 700 opt-ins it’s best to use the campaign method.

Other Important Considerations

  • Text is opt-in communication only. Make sure you have the consumer’s permission on some level before you send them a text message. Make sure you have a daisy chain of permission from the mobile subscriber before you attempt to opt them in. For more on opt-in compliance click here.
  • The CRM Text SMS API automates handset initiated opt-ins, opt-outs and help messages. You do not need to build that into your flow. We will post those messages to you if you set up a callback URL. For more on what we automate click here.
  • Messaging has a 1600 character limit. However, the carriers bill us in 160 message increments. If you send a 240 character message you will be billed for two messages.
  • Additionally, 1600 character messages are treated differently by some carriers. AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile will deliver a 1600 character message in one text message. Sprint will not. That is always subject to change. So we recommend that you try and stay under 160 characters.
  • The CRM Text SMS API has a spam or error prevention method in place by default on all stores for duplicate messages. We do not allow a duplicate message to go out to the same mobile subscriber for 12 hours. This is a feature you can turn off in the super admin panel here.
  • If you are doing any type of marketing we really recommend limiting your campaigns to 2 per month. That range has shown the best response to any type of marketing initiative.