Marketing Compliance

The CRM Text SMS API does not manage your marketing compliance. Much like the handset messages, disclaimers are required whether you are promoting your campaign online, in print, on TV or Radio. If it can be seen, read or heard, you need a disclaimer for your campaign. Audits by the carriers are frequent. So make sure you have your ducks in a row before you launch your campaign. This can be quite a mouthful to add to a radio campaign.

The following guidelines are based on carrier conditions of short code service and other industry standards. Your company is required to comply with these guidelines in the use of any of CRM Text Solution's products.

Non-Handset Marketing Disclaimer Requirement

  • Store Name
  • Program Name. The “program name” should be a single word to define the kind of alerts, e.g. “Account Alerts,” “News Alerts,” “Coupons” etc.
  • Message Frequency. The message frequency must be specific, but can be any interval, for example: “1 message per day,” “4 messages per month,” “2 messages per transaction,” etc. If the message frequency will vary based on user interaction, “1 message/user request” is standard
  • Additional carrier costs disclosure "MSG&Data rates may apply"
  • For any recurring campaign you will need Stop and Help instructions. Both must be in CAPS and BOLD. "Reply STOP to cancel, HELP for help."
  • A link to your privacy policy
  • A link to terms & conditions for SMS. You can link to the CRM Text T&C here