Method: IsKeywordAvailable

Method Type: Post

This method will be called by your application to check if a keyword is available on the CRM Text marketing short code. Keywords must be unique in order for the CRM Text SMS API to know what store the opt-in belongs too. As such, other CRM Text clients may be using a keyword that you want. See the restrictions below for other important limitations on keywords.

This method will check the availability. Once the keyword is available, it can be used in the CreateStoreAndUser method as one of the parameters. The two values returned to you and thier meaning are as follows:

A value of "1" equals an available keyword

A value of "0" equals a keyword in use by another Client

Each keyword on our marketing short code (444999) must be unique. For example, only one store can have keyword “PIZZA.” Although not required, you should check the availability of a keyword before your create a store with it. Each store is required to have an opt-in keyword.


  • A keyword only consisting of numbers and any keyword containing spaces are not allowed but can be requested on a custom basis by emailing us at Support.
  • Keywords must also be 4-19 alpha-numeric characters with no spaces, although shorter keywords can also be requests by emailing Support.


  • If you plan to use your keyword in marketing you should try to creat a memorable single word keyword or an abbreviation. Two word keywords blended into one such as "GETHOME" or "GREATBURGER" stand a good change of being auto corrected by the mobile subscriber's device resulting in a lost message.

Request Example

Check a Keyword:

Request Parameters

Name Required Value Description
Keyword Yes String 4-19 Alpha Numeric Characters with no spaces.

XML Sample Successful Response

<response op= "iskeywordavailable" status= "200" message= "ok">

XML Sample Error Response

<response op= "iskeywordavailable" status= "4xx" message= "reason for Error">