The CRM Text SMS API gives developers the opportunity to bake 2 way SMS communication over US based short codes. Our method is a patented and efficient way to guarantee the routing of text messages to the appropriate store for which they are intended. The documentation that you read here will provide you the knowledge base to get started and thrive with our API. There is much to understand.

We recognize that our product, and working with short codes in general, can be difficult to understand. However, if you take the time to read through our documentation you will quickly get up to speed. We currently and proudly refuse to charge for support. Don’t make that change.

Read the Documentation...Capisce!

Write down your questions if you have any. Then schedule a call with your account rep AFTER doing so. We will be happy to walk through your flow and answer those questions for you.

If you are have received an email from CRM Text with the subject, “CRM Text API Credentials,” your parent account is set-up and you are ready to test and you are now a beta account. Message traffic is limited as a beta account. Additionally, you cannot create stores until you have signed a license Agreement. Contact us at sales@crmtext.com if you wish to create stores and unlimit your beta account messaging. We can't wait to work with you!