Get Connected, Send A Message

95% of the CRM Text SMS API sits unused. Most of our Clients manage their own data and you can too. Or you can take advantage of the additional features of our API. You probably won’t. So here’s a list of the calls in order of how you can make them to get going. Remember that we require the Base64 encoded auth string in every call to the API and use Basic Authentication. And it won’t hurt you to read the category overviews.

Get Connected
Test your connections to the API. If you do not see sample code listed, give it a shot with the flavor you are developing in. If you have issues just reach out to us with your sample code at

Send A Message
I just received my beta credentials, or I’m a production account but I will never create an additional store:

  1. OptInCustomer
  2. SendSMSmsg (And MMS!)
I am a production account and I want to create a new store:

  1. IsKeywordAvailable
  2. CreateStoreAndUser
  3. SetCallback
  4. OptInCustomer
  5. SendSMSmsg (And MMS!)

If you have problems, contact us at You may call your account executive as well. We don’t charge for support. However, be advised that if we determine that a problem arose because you didn’t read the documentation we will tell you to do so. Then we are going to hang up on you. If you don’t like that you are free to pay for support and we will read the documentation to you. We accept all major credit cards and holidays cost extra. If you live in Tahiti we require a large Gulfstream and 7 night stay.