What CRM Text Posts To Your Web Service

These values are returned to you in name value pair and the value can be a string, array or JSON. Messages are posted in real-time. We will post all inbound messages that belong to the store. This includes SMS from your opted-in subscribers, responder keywords, opt-out and help requests. MO MMS is new to the CRM Text SMS API.

CustID Sample Value Description
custID 112233 The ID of the Customer assigned internally by the CRM Text SMS API.
message The Government wants to read this! The Content of the incoming message from the mobile subscriber.
keyword PIZZA123 The keyword that is assigned to the store.
mobileNum 9992221234 The mobile subscriber's 10 digit mobile number.
optInStatus Opt-in, Opt-out The opt-in status of the mobile subscriber.
timeStamp YYYY-MM-DD 15:30:45 The date and time of the incoming message in YYYY-MM-DD H:M:S Format. All times are Pacific Standard Time.
subacct 12345 The ID of the store assigned internally by the CRM Text SMS API.
custName Joe Smith The name of the mobile subscriber if available.
msgID 123456789 The unique ID of the message assigned internally by the CRM Text SMS API.
subacct_name The Store Name The name of the store that the mobile subscriber is assigned.
mms {"0":{"ContentType":"image\/jpeg","URL":"https:\/\/api.twilio.com\/2010-04-01\/Accounts\/ACff9cdaaf5615cf0e39ab4a3955c8e162\/Messages\/MMec5173643c524c844463e23047926675\/Media\/ME0e0fde93db2ac2d98dbae5823aad4eee"},"count":1} The URL of the MO MMS from your subscriber

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