Method: CreateStoreandUser

Method Type: Post

This method will be called by your application to create a store. You can ready more abou the store concept here, but remember that it is essentially an opt-in data container. Because the API is built on our user interface, firstname, lastname, emailid and password are used for creating the default user. The default user credentials can be the same for each store that you create if you like. Your authentication string will tell the API which store you want administrate. Additionally, you may not create a store with a keyword that is already in use. Anything other than 10 digit phone numbers, such as +1 will not be accepted. The store name must also be unique.

Only your Client auth string can create stores. Your Client ID credentials will be the very first store that we set up for you.

When creating a store, keep in mind that that opt-in templates we create for the store will be pulling data from the store name. So don't go crazy on the store name or you will be eating up characters for your opt-in templates. For example, if you name your store, "David's Wild West Emporium for Retired Rodeo Clowns," your opt-in confirmation template will start off as, "You have opted-in to David's Wild West Emporium for Retired Rodeo Clowns......".

In the CRM Text SMS API, a store must exist before any messages can be sent to consumers. We will bind each mobile subscriber to the store with a unique short or long code for the lifetime of the opt-in guaranteeing 2-way communication.


  • The store name and keyword must be unique platform wide.
  • Keywords consist of 4-19 alpha-numeric characters and cannot have spaces
  • Avoid these characters when creating your store password $ ‘ ‘ / \ : ;&
  • Messages are limited to 1600 characters. But please read this so you know why you should stick to 160 characters per text message.
  • +1 formats for the store phone number will not be accepted. 10 digits only please. Example: 9995551234.
  • Pictures over 450kb will not be delivered.
  • Once the store is created with the keyword selected, that keyword will be the primary store keyword and that cannot be changed or reassigned without emailing us at Choose wisely.


  • The API will create a store with an unavailable keyword. Save yourself frustration and check availability of keywords here
  • You may use the default user credentials for each store that you create
  • You are welcome to use your own naming convention. It is not required that your store name makes sense. Alpha-Numeric store names are acceptable.

Request Example

Creating a Store and User: &phonenumber=&password=

Request Parameters

Name Required Value Description
storename Yes String Name of the store (Brand Name.)
storeKeyword Yes String Default keyword of the store.
firstname Yes String First name of the default user.
lastname Yes String Last name of the default user.
emailid Yes String First name of the default user.
phonenumber Yes integer 10 digit store phone number (Example: 9995551234)
password Yes string A password for the default user (Administrator)

XML Sample Successful Response

<response op= "createstoreanduser" status= "200" message= "ok">
<store-name>Big Kicks</store-name>

XML Sample Error Response

<response op= "createstoreanduser" status= "4xx" message= "reason for Error">