Method: CreateKeyword

Method Type: Post

This method will be called by your application to add a secondary keyword to the store you assign it to with your auth string. When you make a call to this method, the CRM Text SMS API will approve your keyword instantly as long as it meets the parameters we’ve mentioned in the restrictions. Although not required, we'd advise checking keyword availability first, which you can do here.

Additionally, keywords on the CRM Text SMS API are valuable because they cannot be shared. If you choose a keyword such as BEER or PIZZA, we’ll approve it. But you’ll be hearing from us about additional keyword licensing costs. Lastly, if you are not a trademark owner of a particular keyword do yourself a favor and don’t register the keyword. The terms & conditions allow CRM Text SMS API the right to immediately remove keywords from any store that violates trademark rights.

There are two types of keywords within the CRM Text SMS API.

Opt-In Keyword
The opt-in keyword, which will opt the mobile subscriber into the store. From there, ongoing 2-way SMS communications can be implemented for as long as the subscriber remains opted-in.

Responder Keyword (Or TextCode)
The Responder keyword, which will only allow one response text message back to the mobile subscriber. It’s generally used for coupons or informational tips. This keyword type does not change the opt-in status of the mobile subscriber.


  • Keywords are unique across the CRM Text SMS API. If another one of our Clients has your keyword, you cannot.
  • You will not be able to edit the content of an opt-in keyword for compliance reasons. If you wish to manage your own opt-in keyword responses, you can do by contacting support.
  • A keyword only consisting of numbers and any keyword containing spaces are not allowed but can be requested on a custom basis by emailing us at support.
  • Keywords must also be 4-19 characters long. Shorter keywords are also available on a case reviewed basis. Email us at support if you would like a 3 character or less keyword.
  • Keywords must also be 4-19 characters long. Shorter keywords are also available on a case reviewed basis. Email us at supportif you would like a 3 character or less keyword.


  • If you create a responder keyword, you can listen for it and respond using SendSMSmsg. You also have the option of allowing CRM Text to automate the response. Edit the content you want going to the mobile subscriber that triggers the keyword from here.
  • If you plan to use your keyword in marketing you should plan on trying to create a memorable single word keyword or an abbreviation. Two word keywords blended into one such as “GETHOME” run the risk of being auto-corrected by the user’s mobile device.
  • If you want to change a keyword from responder to opt-in or vice versa, please delete the keyword and create it again.

Request Example

Create a secondary opt-in or responder (TextCode) keyword

Request Parameters

Name Required Value Description
keyword Yes String your 4-19 character keyword.
autoresponder Yes integer A value of "0" for an opt-in keyword
A value of "1" for an responder keyword

XML Sample Successful Response

<response op= "optoutcustomer" status= "200" message= "ok">

XML Sample Error Response

<response op= "optoutcustomer" status= "4xx" message= "reason for Error">