Converting From Twilio Long Codes

CRM Text Solutions is a certified Twilio partner and Twilio hosts the CRM Text SMS API short codes. You will not use the Twilio API to work with us. For developers referred to us from Twilio, there are some key differences between the Twilio API and the CRM Text SMS API to be aware of before you begin. They include:

  • The CRM Text SMS API does not accept phone numbers in the +1 format. Only 10 digit phone numbers are acceptable when calling the API.
  • The SMS API is built with compliance logic baked in. Mobile subscribers are assigned an opt-in status. If the mobile subscriber is opted-out or in pending status, you cannot send text messages to that mobile subscriber with the CRM Text SMS API. Only mobile subscribers that are opted-in to receive text messages from your store will get your content. In most cases, CRM Text blocks messages to subscribers in the opt-out or pending status, except for responder keywords, which send one text message to the mobile subscriber regardless of opt-in status
  • The CRM Text SMS API does not currently support JSON
  • The Twilio API will allow you to attach a callback URL to each message sent. The CRM Text SMS API is built on the store concept and allows one unique callback URL per store for which we will post ALL incoming messages too. You cannot assign a callback URL to the outbound message
  • Unlike Twilio, the CRM Text SMS API does not monitor your web service. That is a developer responsibility. You will not be notified if we do not recieve a 200 response from your URL. We recomend that you build your own monitor or use tools such as Runscope or API Metrics to keep tabs on your web service. As of this writing, Runscope has a FREE plan that would allow you to ping your web service every 2 minutes.
  • Yes, you can still use Twilio products while a customer of CRM Text. And you should. Twilio rocks! For example, if message deliverability is of the utmost importance, you can write an application that uses Twilio to call the Customer with a text 2 voice message after receiving a message failed error from the CRM Text SMS API.