Important Considerations Before Development

Make sure you read our sections about carrier behavior in addition to this section. Other very important things to consider before development are below.

Curl Timeouts & Encoding
We recommend 6 second timeouts for curl requests to the CRM Text SMS API. Remember that your message is passing from you, to CRM Text, to Twilio and then to the carriers to deliver to a mobile device and vice versa. High bandwidth can restrict what generally takes less than one second. If you are developing offshore, remember that the CRM Text SMS API supports American short codes only. Round trip from Asia or Europe can take longer. If you have issues receiving a response, try increasing the timeout.

The API supports UTF-8 encoding. But be careful with special characters on short codes. Test!

Duplicate Messages
By default, the CRM Text SMS API prevents duplicate messages within a 12 hour period. This check can be turned off in the Client admin store view. It is a check that can be toggled for each store individually. We do this for spam and accident control. It cannot be controlled through a call to the API. For more on how to do this click here.

Double and Single Opt-In
By default, each new store you create with the CRM Text SMS API is of the single opt-in method. For compliance, you can control whether a store uses double opt-in or single opt-in through the Client admin store view. It is a check that can be toggled for each store individually. It cannot be controlled through a call to the API. For more on how to do this, click here.

By default, when you create a store with the CRM Text SMS API you must create the store’s primary keyword. The primary keyword cannot be changed or edited. If you need to do so, contact us at There are two types of keywords on our platform. Keep in mind that they are not case sensitive. But when advertised it is usually done so in Caps.

Opt-in Keyword
This keyword, when initiated by a mobile subscriber will immediately opt them into the store that is assigned to that keyword. The mobile subscriber will thus be known as an opted-in customer of the store and CRM Text will assign a dedicated short code for the store and customer to communicate with for the life of the opt-in. Since the customer is opted-in, you now have permission to send them text messages on an ongoing basis.

Responder Keyword
CRM Text also provides the ability to set a keyword as a responder only. When initiated by a mobile subscriber, the responder keyword can only return one response, which comes from our marketing short code (444999). The mobile subscriber is not converted to opted-in status and no additional messages can be sent. It is generally used for one time coupons or general information emphasis.

When planning your development, there aren't many reasons to pack multiple opt-in keywords into one store and then figure out how you are going to properly route and respond to them. When in doubt, create a new store.

Keywords After Customer is Opted-In
It’s important to note that you can create keywords within your application as well, but only AFTER the customer has opted-in to your store! If you want to do responder games or surveys, use the opt-in keyword or OptInCustomer method as your first path to get the mobile subscriber opted-in.

Once done, you can assign any keywords (Except for STOP, QUIT and HELP) outside of the CRM Text SMS API because the Customer is already opted-in to your store. You can use the callback listener to look for the keywords you want to respond to. There is no keyword charge for internal keywords.

For example: Customer opts-in and you want to do a back and forth message. After opting in, the Customer will be assigned to your store on a communication short code for the life of the opt-in. So you can ask them to reply GREAT and then you can deal with that response as you wish after we post it to your callback URL.

Failed Messages
Short codes do not work on all carriers and mobile devices. Click here for a list of carriers we support. And some carriers have plans that block short codes. But the CRM Text SMS API does get delivery receipts. Bear in mind that delivery receipts from the carriers are not always accurate.

But when a message does report as failed on a short code, the CRM Text SMS API takes additional action by attempting to deliver that text message on a long code. Messages can fail for a variety of reasons. The long code backup feature is a turn on/off feature available for the parent account. By default, it is turned on.

These Short Codes Confuse Me
They confuse everyone. So don’t worry about it and let us handle how we assign stores to opted-in Customers. You don’t need to know anything about the communication short codes. The only thing you need to remember is that when you get a keyword and want to market it, you will promote it on our marketing short code, 444999.

Text CRMTEXT to 444999

I Might Need My Own Short Code
You probably don’t. They are also really expensive. But if you do, CRM Text Solutions can manage that process for you and host the code on our short code stack. We do so for Revinate and Loc-Aid. We can do it for you too. For more info contact Just be prepared for parting ways with lots of money and a 3-5 month waiting period before your code is live.