Your Auth String

When calling the API, you are required to use your auth string each and every time regardless of the method. The Auth string uses basic authentication and is sent to you after you sign up for a sandbox or production account. In almost every instance, the primary store keyword is required within the auth string when you call the API. The only time you will not use the primary store keyword is when you create stores. More on that below.

The primary store keyword in the auth string tells the CRM Text SMS API which store you would like to administrate when calling the API. For example, you have two stores, one with keyword PIZZA and the other with keyword RIBS.

When you want to administrate store PIZZA you will authenticate with: Authentication:Authentication:PIZZA

When you want to administrate store RIBS you will authenticate with: Authentication:Authentication:RIBS

Again, only the primary store keyword of the store will work within the auth string. Secondary opt-in and responder keywords used within the auth string will result in an error code when calling the API.

When Calling the API, Base64 Encode Your Auth String

Creating Stores
After you sign up for a production account you can request the ability to create stores. However, since the store and keyword are not created yet, you must create them. The only way to do so is to use your original credentials you established with your dev or production account. This is your Client ID and is the only credentials that can create a new store. Again, your Client ID credentials will be the very first store that we set up for you. Once the store is created, you may now use the stores credentials to administrate the store.